Prairie County, Arkansas – Corps of Engineers Grand Prairie Widened Canal Project

Sothern Contracting, LLC subcontracted an $8 million contract to Eutaw for the Grand Prairie Widened Canal project. Eutaw’s scope of work consists of 800,000 cubic yards of mass excavation associated with the construction of a new water reservoir and the installation of approximately 700 linear feet of 120” diameter spiral-weld steel pipe.  In addition to these major items, Eutaw’s scope requires the placement of 56,000 tons of crushed limestone.


Eutaw Construction teamed with Roy Anderson Corp on this design build project to provide design expertise, project management, quality control, safety coordination, GPS/GIS/Survey services, and pipe laying crews to install approximately 126,000LF of water pipe. 200 fire hydrants are being replaced or refurbished, over 600 gate valves are being installed, and over 200 buildings are being tied over to the new system.

The installation includes open cut pipe laying, jack and boring installation of steel casing, and HDD drills of HDPE pipe. The diameters range from 2” – 16” on the water mains, and up to 24” on the steel casing. The 126,000LF of water mains replace 95% of the existing water system on the Base.


Picayune and Poplarville, Mississippi – Gulf Region Water/Wastewater Plan

The overall project consists of 4 separate smaller projects – W1, W2, S1, S2 – requiring the installation of approximately 250,000 LF of water and sewer force mains. Projects are located in Pearl River County, Mississippi and centered in the municipalities of Picayune and Poplarville. Dungan Engineering is the engineer for this project.

Orange Beach, Alabama – Orange Beach Water Authority

This project involved the installation of 14,325 LF of 30″ DIP/HDPE water main piping for Orange Beach Water Authority (OBWA). This piping connects water mains on Beach Boulevard to the piping on Canal Road increasing OBWA’s capacity for water service and fire protection. Other work performed was the installation of 500 LF of 36″ horizontal directional drilling under Shelby Lake and a 42″ steel encasement jack and bore under Canal Road.