Morton, Mississippi – Koch Foods Manufacturing Facility

Stripped 102 acres and cleared 33.5 acres, constructed two-lane access road to site and circular rail spur, moved 265,000 cubic yards (CY) of unclassified material, 183,000 CY of embankment, completed 59,000 square yards of lime mixing, placed 63,000 tons of crushed limestone, laid 1,800 linear feet of various storm drain pipe, and relocated 900′ of force main to make room for new rail spur. Also, 1,700′ of steel casing (12″ to 24″) and 1,800′ of PVC conduit for future electrical and irrigation (2″ to 4″)

Ridgeland, Mississippi – Renaissance Retail Development Concrete Bridge and Weir Wall

This project included the construction of a reinforced concrete bridge and weir wall. The bridge work included 330 CY of concrete and 50,000 LBS of steel. The weir wall was constructed for a storm drainage detention pond that included 700 CY of concrete.

Lowndes County, Mississippi – SeverCorr Steel Mill

This project was a 1400 acre site, involving 175 acres of clearing and grubbing, excavation of 4 million CY of 6′-12′ of expansive clay overburden that was stockpiled on-site and Demopolis chalk, that was ripped, broken down and stockpiled on-site. It also include the construction of a 36 acre and a 15 acre detention pond which included 645,000 CY of excavation. There was excavation and backfill of 53′ deep foundations for the new plant facility. Eutaw also constructed and graded 125,000 square yards of railroad, installed 5,000 linear feet of storm drain pipe structures.

Itawamba County, Mississippi – Toyota Boshoku Mississippi, LLC

Site construction including moving 348,000 CY of unclassified excavation, placement of 245,000 CY of select borrow material, 12,000 tons of chemical stabilization, and installation of approximately 3,700 linear feet of storm drain piping with 17 grate inlets. Project had a to be completed within 50 days, but was completed in less than 30 days.