OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI – BAPTIST HOSPITAL (Robins and Morton Subcontractor)

Eutaw Construction work as subcontractor for Robins and Morton to perform a $10.2 million contract for the construction of Baptist Memorial Hospital. The work included over 100,000 cubic yards of earthwork, 9,400 lf of storm drain, 73 storm drain inlets, 4,000 lf of sanitary sewer, and 8,200 lf of water piping. This project also includes over 60,000 tons of stone base, 40,000 lf of curb, 120,000 square yards of asphalt paving, as well as site concrete.


This $18 million project consisted of approximately 4.5 million CY of unclassified excavation that was required to be moved in approximately 6 months due to the fast track schedule required by the contract. In addition to the earthwork, this project also consisted of temporary erosion control measures, selective demolition and clearing, installing over 2 miles of temporary gravel roadways, railroad access to the building pad, 16,000 linear feet of water, sanitary sewer and gas utilities, nearly 7,000 linear feet of storm piping up to 114-inches in diameter, 50 stormwater drainage structures, sinkhole remediation, and stabilization of exposed areas within an approximate 500 acre area containing the Hankook Tire Project Site.

Canton, Mississippi – Nissan North America Integrated Logistics Center

This project consisted of earthwork and storm water drainage operations for a 1.5 million square foot warehouse in which Nissan North America will be using as an integrated logistics center. The first phase of the project consisted of right of way improvements to Nissan parkway, storm water piping ranging in size from 18”-72” and mass grading of the site. In this phase approximately 175,000 cubic yards of on-site material was moved, 2,300 linear feet of concrete storm drain was laid, as well as 600,000 cubic yards of off-site borrow was brought in. In the second phase the remaining 175,000 cubic yards of on-site material was placed, 7,000 linear feet of concrete storm drain placed, and 425,000 cubic yards of off-site borrow was brought in to complete the 1.5 million square foot building pad and parking lots.

West Point, Mississippi – Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Facility

This $14 million project consisted of earthwork/mass grading operations for Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Mississippi, LLC. Yokohama Tire Corporation is the North American manufacturing and marketing arm of Tokyo, Japan-based The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.  This is Yokohama’s first U.S facility to be built from the ground up, and will be producing commercial truck tires.  The work consists of 1.4 million cubic yards of excavation, 740,000 cubic yards of select fill and over 11,000 feet of storm drain needed to construct the 4 building pads, the rail road spur, and the necessary roads and parking for the plant. The project was split into 4 phases (building pads). Each phase was approximately 23 acres and required a 4.5 foot select fill buffer under the building.  In order to meet the Phase 1 milestone Eutaw moved over 1.3 million cubic yards of excavation and placed all the select fill to complete Phase 1 in just 60 working days.