Williamson County, Tennessee – Bridgemore Village Subdivision

Eutaw Construction is performing a $1,225,800 contract for construction of the Bridgemore Village subdivision. Eutaw’s scope of work consists of 95,000 cubic yards of mass excavation, the installation of water service, sewer service, electrical service, and a storm drainage system associated with the next phase of Bridgemore Village in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee.  Once completed, this phase will contain 42 lots for future housing development.

Smyrna, Tennessee – Topre America Stamping Facility (Nissan North America)

Eutaw’s scope of work consists of 70,000 cubic yards of excavation, including blasting and crushing excavated rock onsite to utilize for structural backfill of the building’s basement-level press pits and scrap metal conveyor system. This project also includes 9,000 square yards of heavy-duty concrete paving, 125 linear feet of concrete box culvert, and 3,000 linear feet of storm drainage piping. In addition to these major items, Eutaw is responsible for over 1,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer piping, and over 3,000 linear feet of fire and domestic water piping.


Eutaw performed site work on a 31-acre site for a 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility that will provide vehicle parts to the General Motors manufacturing plant in Spring Hill, TN.  Our scope(s) of work included approximately 20,000 cubic yards of onsite grading, 20,000 cubic yards of borrow excavation, drilling and blasting a 40-ft deep pit for future equipment, 2 bio-retention ponds, over 4,000 linear feet of domestic water, fire water, and sewer piping, and over 1,000 linear feet of storm and roof drain piping.  The project also includes relocating an adjacent rail car traffic line, and adding a point-of-switch along with approximately 2,500 linear feet of rail car access and storage for the building.


The $10 million contract includes site preparation for construction of a new Alabaster High School with 1,700,000 cubic yards of earthwork, remediation of existing sinkholes, 18,500 lf of storm drain, 160 storm drain inlets, and relocation of sanitary sewer and water mains.