George and Greene Counties, Mississippi – Highway 63

This project consisted of road construction of approximately 13 miles of a new four lane road including the construction of six (6) new bridges. 800 acres of Clear and Grubb performed in 65 days, 9,000,000 cubic yards of Unclassified Excavation (Onsite), 24,000 linear feet of Storm Drainage, 15,000 cubic yards of Box Culvert Concrete

Pontotoc County, Mississippi – Highway 6

This project consisted of the construction of a new bridge including over 3.4 million CY of excavation to construct a new section of Highway 6. Lines of reinforced concrete pipe up to 60″ in diameter were installed. 600 acres of Clear and Grubb, 2,270,425 cubic yards (CY) of Unclassified Excavation (Onsite), 805,064 CY of Borrow Excavation (Contractor Furnished), 833,519 CY of Excess Excavation (Spoil), 14,305 linear feet of Storm Drainage

Prentiss County, Mississippi – Highway 30, Booneville Bypass

This project consists of all aspects of road building from clearing to final paving, including: 3 bridge structures, 9,200 CY of concrete box culvert construction, 636 acres of clearing and grubbing, 3,515,953 CY of unclassified material, hauling in 2,029,171 CY of borrow material, spreading of approximately 76,650 tons of crushed limestone base, placement of 23,000 tons of hot mix asphalt, 12,500 tons of 300# rip rap, and laying of over 18,100 LF of storm drain piping (sizes 18″ – 72″).

Morehouse Parish, Louisiana – Highway 425

Eutaw provided services that widened U.S. Highway 425 from two lanes to four lanes at Log Cabin, LA to the Arkansas state line. This project involved clearing and grubbing the highway corridor, moving approximately 494,000 CY of unclassified material, laying over 11,380 LF of storm drain piping (sizes 15″ to 54″), spreading approximately 74,126 tons of stone base course, and placing approximately 62,500 tons of hot mix asphalt.