Morehouse Parish, Louisiana – Highway 425

Eutaw provided services that widened U.S. Highway 425 from two lanes to four lanes at Log Cabin, LA to the Arkansas state line. This project involved clearing and grubbing the highway corridor, moving approximately 494,000 CY of unclassified material, laying over 11,380 LF of storm drain piping (sizes 15″ to 54″), spreading approximately 74,126 tons of stone base course, and placing approximately 62,500 tons of hot mix asphalt.

Shreveport, Louisiana – McCain Creek Bridge

The project consists of the demolition of two existing span bridges on I-220 in Shreveport, LA then replacing with a 15’x15’x420′ quadruple barrel box culvert. The box construction used over 9,000 CY of concrete and 80,000 CY of embankment material. Each quadrant of the box was constructed individually by using a cofferdam/dewatering system. Also, approximately 700 feet of drainage pipe (between 36″ and 72″) was installed. Once the embankment was completed, the soils were treated with soil cement and covered with 12″ of concrete pavement. Additional striping and guardrails were installed in each phase of the box construction, along with the use of both temporary and permanent erosion control measures.

Highway 19

Newton/Neshoba Counties, Mississippi

Client: Mississippi Department of Transportation

Scope of Work:
This project includes grading and drainage, construction of a new bridge and the paving of SR 19 between Lauderdale County Line and SR 492 located in the counties of Newton and Neshoba, Mississippi. Over 2 million CY of on-site excavation are being performed. This project is one of the first projects in the State of Mississippi to be funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Jackson, Mississippi – Metro Parkway

Constructed four-lane roadway to facilitate easier traffic flow between Jackson State University and downtown Jackson. The old roadway was torn out and the area cleared. The new four-lane road was undercut and back filled with select material to ensure a stable, more solid sub grade with 20,000 tons of asphalt and over 21,000 feet of curb and gutters. Also included were 75 storm inlets, 3,650 feet of ductile iron water pipe, 3,400 feet of sanitary sewer, 21 new manholes, and one 220 ft X 10 ft concrete box culvert.