Brandon, Mississippi – Interstate 20 Interchange

This $10 million project consists of constructing an interstate ramp and a 680’ bridge across the KCS Railroad. Earthwork includes 61,600 CY of borrow material, 36,800 CY of excess excavation, 2,300 CY of unclassified excavation. Other work includes 736’ of RCP storm drainage piping, clearing and grubbing, grassing, erosion control measures, traffic signals, subgrade treatment & asphalt placement, and a soil nail retaining wall beneath the existing bridges.

Bridge work consists of 1,300 lf of steel piling, 931 lf of concrete drilled shafts, 1,450 CY of bridge concrete, and 4,400 lf of concrete bridge beams. Also included is the remedial repair of existing piles with 275 CY of Class AA concrete.

Miller County, Arkansas – Interstate 49

Eutaw’s contract included 1.8 miles of new roadway construction for the I-49 corridor. Construction activities included 112 acres of clearing and grubbing, 1.1 million CY of unclassified material, 324,500 CY of embankment material, and placement of 100,000 CY of select material. Other activities included 1,800 LF of drainage pipe, a county road bridge, and two large box culverts.

Erosion control, paving, and striping were also included in the contract.

Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina – Western Wake Freeway

Eutaw Construction was a major subcontractor for the Western Wake Freeway design/build project. The prime contractor was a joint venture formed by Archer Western and Granite Construction. This project consisted of grading and drainage on the Western Wake Freeway beginning south of Apex, NC and ending at Cary, NC. The new roadway construction was a 12.6 mile concrete paved roadway in Wake County, North Carolina with 1.5 million CY of unclassified excavation, 300,000 CY of borrow material, and 700,000 CY of excess excavation. The project is a six-lane, controlled-access toll road and is expected to save customers up to 20 minutes per full trip. The Western Wake Freeway opened to traffic in December 2012. The project was the first United States designed/build project to utilize an all electronic toll collection system where no stop and pay toll booths were required.

Oxford, Mississippi, Widening of Old Taylor Road for Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation

The Old Taylor Road Widening project was an effort by the City of Oxford and A2H Engineering to widen the existing roadway in anticipation of the influx of traffic for the new Baptist Memorial Hospital. The project consisted of approximately 2,200 CY of unclassified excavation, 4,700 CY of off-site borrow and 1,000 Tons of crushed limestone base material. In addition, the project entailed constructing two modular block retaining walls with a total of 2,575 SF to allow for the roadway widening. Other incidental items of work included storm drainage, traffic signals, hot-mix asphalt, curb & gutter and traffic striping.