Carroll County, Arkansas– Arkansas Highway Transportation Department Hwy 62

The AHTD awarded Eutaw a $13.4 million contract to widen 3.7 miles of Highway 62 from two (2) to five (5) lanes The project consists of 91,200 tons of aggregate base, 425,000 cubic yards of earthwork, a triple box culvert, 3,330 linear feet of storm drain piping, binder & surface asphalt courses, maintenance of traffic, and erosion control.



Eutaw will be responsible for the rehabilitation and widening of Florence Road from Enon Springs Road to the Nissan Gate on Florence Road.  The existing roadway is a two-lane, shoulder, and ditch section.  The new roadway will contain three 12-ft wide lanes, curb and gutter, storm drainage components, an 8-ft wide multi-use sidewalk, minor utility re-locations, grading and associated work to complete approximately 7,000 linear feet of road work.


The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate four miles of Yandell Road between Highway 51 and Highway 43.  Work includes the removal of 25,000 square yards of asphalt, 38,250 cubic yards of excess excavation, 57,500 cy of borrow excavation, placement of 19,500 tons of #610 crushed limestone, and the installation of approximately 16,672 tons of hot mix asphalt.  Other key work items:  storm drain installation, minor structure concrete, striping, seeding and mulching, and other erosion control related items.

Osceola, Arkansas – Site Work for Big River Steel LLC

The first phase scope of work on the 1,200 acre consists of 1,200,000 cubic yards of earthwork.  Construction includes interior and access roads, railroads, building pads, drainage ditches, drainage piping and detention ponds.  Approximately 15 miles of roads and railroads were soil stabilized and capped with 6” of sub-ballast material.

The second phase scope consists of the foundation work for all of the plant’s buildings and equipment.  Eutaw is performing the excavation and embankment of approximately 550,000 cubic yards for all building footings and foundations at depths ranging from 5-45 feet.