Springdale, Arkansas – Highway 412 Bypass

Eutaw Construction has completed construction of approximately 4 miles of four-lane highway in Springdale, Arkansas. The highway is new road alignment and provides along Highway 412. The bypass extends from Highway 112 to Interstate 49. Eutaw’s work consisted of moving approximately 2.5 million cubic yard of earthwork, approximately 12,500 linear feet of storm drain piping (ranging in size from 12” to 72” diameter), constructing 14 bridges & overpasses, asphalt paving and concrete paving. The project will relieve congestion and improve traveler safety. The project was completed 75 days ahead of schedule.


Eutaw Construction was awarded the $28.5 million S.R. 247 (Duplex Road) project in September 2017.  This project will serve as a major east-west route through the City of Spring Hill between U.S Hwy. 31 (Main Street) and Interstate 65.  The project will provide sufficient access to developments, improve safety, and traffic operations. The City of Spring Hill partnered with Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to contract the widening of Duplex Road along a 3.3-mile corridor with plans to provide one standard-width travel lane for each direction of travel and a center turn lane with sufficient shoulders.  As part of the planned road construction, above and underground utilities will also be relocated to make room for the new road and underground storm water infrastructure.


Eutaw Construction was awarded the Nissan ILC Roadway contract from Nissan North America. This project involves the construction of a new access roadway and bridge needed to serve Nissan’s new ILC Facility. Since the project is located inside Nissan’s facility, the transportation of ± 30,000 cubic yards of embankment material is the biggest challenge. Eutaw’s scope of work includes clearing & grubbing, earthwork, storm drainage utilities, and the placement of aggregate base material. While other scopes of work, that will be completed by subcontractors, include the installation of a new 140 linear feet, triple-span concrete bridge, asphalt and concrete paving, striping, guardrails and a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) fence. Due to the site being inside a FTZ, careful consideration and planning is required for fence installation, work zones, and access.

Desoto County, Mississippi – Eutaw/Lehman Roberts Joint Venture on SR304 and I-269

The Mississippi Department of Transportation awarded Eutaw Construction and Lehman Roberts joint venture a $76,204,800 contract for subgrade preparation and asphalt paving on SR304 and I-269. Eutaw’s portion of work is $25,226,500. The project involves subgrade preparation and asphalt placement for 14 miles of 4-lane interstate construction. The project involves 550,000 cubic yards of earthwork, 530,000 tons of granular material, 72,000 tons of crushed stone base, 14,000 tons of lime stabilization, 12,600 linear feet of curb & gutter, 434,000 tons of asphalt, traffic striping, and traffic lights.