Brandon, Mississippi – U.S. Hwy 80 Bridge Replacement

This $12 million project required the removal and replacement of six bridges on U.S. Highway 80 in Rankin County, MS. This was completed by the use of detour bridges and roads with the realignment of U.S. Highway 80. The project was segregated into 3 separate bridge sites. In addition the project included 786’ of miscellaneous drainage pipe & outfall structures, 280’ of box culvert construction, 355,000 CY of borrow material, 17,000 CY of unclassified excavation, and 20,600 CY of excess excavation. The bridge work bridge included 20,000 lf of steel piling, 330 lf of drilled concrete shafts, 8,200 lf of concrete bridge beams, and 2,800 CY of bridge concrete.

Desoto County, Mississippi – State Road 304

Eutaw Construction was awarded the project to provide grading, drainage and bridge construction on SR 304 / I-269 from I-55 to Malone Road in Desoto County, Mississippi.

The project includes clearing and grubbing of the site, 1.5 million CY of unclassified excavation, 844,000 CY of borrow excavation, and 44,000 CY excess excavation.

The project requires the construction of 7000 LF of reinforced concrete pipe, and 2105 CY of cast in place box culverts.

In addition, the project requires the construction of 8 new bridges along the project alignment, consisting of 9800 CY of bridge concrete, 62,850 LF of piling, 23,100 LF of precast pre-stressed concrete girders, and 2.1 million LBS of reinforcing steel.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi – Highway 90 Bay St. Louis Bridge

Hurricane Katrina completely destroyed the bridge connecting Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian and Eutaw Construction Company teamed with Granite-Archer/Western to construct a new bridge. Eutaw’s role was to construct the bridge approaches and abutments at both ends of the bridge. The project consisted of 50,000 CY of earthwork and 10,000 tons of asphalt. Eutaw’s crews placed 3,750 tons of 650# rip rap and 300# rip rap from the bridge approaches to the water’s edge. Furthermore, Eutaw excavated and deepened channels in the bay to allow for construction barges to access the bridge as well as filled in behind sheet pile bulkheads.

Monroe County, Mississippi – Sipsey Trail

The project consists of widening one mile of Sipsey Trail Road in Monroe County, MS to include the replacement of 5 bridges and constructing a reinforced concrete box culvert. During construction of the bridges 8,310 LF of 14” concrete piling will be driven and over 966 CY of concrete will be poured. Construction of the roadbed will consist of moving roughly 85, 813 CY of borrow material and placing 10,091 TNS of crushed stone.