Honored Employee

8/21/57 – 8/1/16

Every newsletter has highlighted one of our employees for their dedication to Eutaw, their ability to get along with others and their willingness to make Eutaw a better place to work. There was no one that fit this description better than our recently departed friend, Tobby Turner. Tobby was a very caring and compassionate person who looked out for others every chance he had.
As part of our effort to honor Tobby, we asked several employees to share a moment in time that epitomized who Tobby was. Janice stated that he was a great co-worker who always checked on the benefits, rates of pay, etc. of the employees that worked for and with him making sure they were kept happy and satisfied at Eutaw.

Leeandra wanted to share the fact that every time Tobby saw Kevin Schrock’s (former employee) widow, he would empty his pockets of the money he had and give to her because he wanted to make sure that her family was taken care of. He just loved everyone, especially Eutaw’s employees and their families.

Teresa Walker mentioned that she worked directly for Tobby for many years and considered him her boss/friend. She was blessed to have him in her life and without him would not have learned as much as she did about construction and specifically “the Eutaw way”. Today, Teresa is one of our most valued employees.

Tobby also had a favorite way of greeting his friends – using names like “Wasted Skin” or “Part Time Help” or “Jughead”. He used all of these terms in an endearing way to show he noticed and cared for all. Teresa said that when he passed away, Dawn and Leeandra gave her a plant that she keeps in her office and she named it “Jughead”. Every morning she says, “Good Morning Jughead”, which makes her smile and remember Tobby.

Dawn wanted all of us to know that Tobby was a very colorful character that was many things to many people. To her, Tobby was a true friend, role model and most importantly, he was family. Uncle Tobby was known for his comedic antics to all that had the pleasure of knowing him. Laughter was sure to fill the room once he walked in. You knew he really liked you if he picked on you. Tobby picked on her as far back as she can remember. As a young child, he would tell her to go play in the road. Of course he wasn’t serious. That was just Tobby!

She said “Family was always top priority to Tobby. He was always there when any one of us needed him. He passed his love for baseball to both of my boys and even taught them both how to pitch. That is something they can pass down to their children someday and thus, a little bit of Tobby can live on for generations to come. I’m so grateful that the Lord let us keep him as long as He did. His fun loving spirit will live on in my life and in those of everyone he touched in some way in his life’s journey. It was truly a privilege to know him and call him family”.

Tobby passed away on Monday, August 1st. He leaves behind his wife, Malinda and one son, Ethan. Please keep Malinda and Ethan in your thoughts and prayers.