Eutaw Construction was awarded the Nissan ILC Roadway contract from Nissan North America. This project involves the construction of a new access roadway and bridge needed to serve Nissan’s new ILC Facility. Since the project is located inside Nissan’s facility, the transportation of ± 30,000 cubic yards of embankment material is the biggest challenge. Eutaw’s scope of work includes clearing & grubbing, earthwork, storm drainage utilities, and the placement of aggregate base material. While other scopes of work, that will be completed by subcontractors, include the installation of a new 140 linear feet, triple-span concrete bridge, asphalt and concrete paving, striping, guardrails and a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) fence. Due to the site being inside a FTZ, careful consideration and planning is required for fence installation, work zones, and access.

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