Eutaw Visits 4th Grade Gifted Class at Shaw Elementary

Ms. Luann Little’s 4th Grade Gifted Class at Shaw Elementary in Springdale, AR has been working on a special project about highway construction, since the Hwy. 412 Bypass is going to be built near the school.  The 11 students took on various roles to look at the project through different perspectives.  The roles consisted of Botanist, Biologist, Geologist, Economist, Land Owner, Lawyer, Government (AHTD), and Civil Engineer.  Keith Clark, Transportation Division Manager, was invited to speak to the class to provide them with the perspective of the contractor and answer any questions that they might have concerning construction.  The class will take the information that they have gathered from their areas of research and put together a presentation for the school and community.  At Eutaw, not only do we build highways, but we help build young minds as well.


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