Mississippi/Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast – BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Eutaw is providing all personnel and project management services for the scheduling and training of up to 2,000 workers and support staff to deploy booms, perform shallow water skimming operations and the removal of oil from the Mississippi beaches. Our employees worked in full force to clean up approximately 700 tons of oil to date from the shoreline, barrier islands, and coastal waters in an effort to restore them to pre-spill conditions. In addition to the front line management of the oil spill, our team members established a working relationship with the Federal, State and Local government officials allowing us to provide an added benefit to BP as we eliminated the “learning curve” that a new company would encounter. Our management group created and maintained a database of approximately 2,500 workers that could be deployed at anytime. We also created and maintained a database with equipment and logistical items that would be required to support these workers. We designed, constructed, operated and maintained the 50-acre staging area / rally point for the manpower and equipment in the Mississippi BP operations. Our team provided HAZWOPER training and refresher courses for personnel as well as training for the following safety programs: Fit for Duty Program, Incident / Accident Reporting, Near Miss / Unsafe Condition Reporting / Job Safety Analysis Reporting and Tailgate Safety Meetings. We have also instituted a Safety Incentive Program designed to reward safety-minded workers.

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