In September 2016 Eutaw Construction was awarded a $22.3 million contract for Phase 2 of Knoxville’s Airfield Modernization Program at the McGee Tyson Airport.   The contract duration is 14 months.

The contract requires rehabilitation of the existing runway to meet the FAA’s line-of-sight requirements.  These requirements are designed to make it easier for pilots to see the entire runway during takeoff and landings.  The runway had a “crown” that needed lowering that limited the line-of-sight.  Approximately 3,500 feet of the runway required demolition and then replaced.

Definable features of the project include:

  • Removing and stockpiling of 210,000 square yards of portland cement concrete (PCC)
  • 80,000 square yards of asphalt removal
  • 10,000 linear feet of storm sewer removal
  • Site demolition
  • 1,126,000 cubic yards of unclassified excavation
  • 17,000 linear feet of reinforced concrete storm drain pipe varying in size from 18” – 60”, including the installation of 33 drainage structures
  • 640 linear feet of 5’ x 12’ concrete box culvert
  • 3,000 linear feet  of 10” ductile iron pipe water main
  • 2,300 linear feet of 6” sanitary sewer force main, including lift station relocation
  • 162,000 square feet of articulating concrete block system for erosion control
  • 6,000 LF of encased duct bank

Eutaw Construction also performed Phase 1 of the Airport Runway Modernization which included a similar scope.  The contract amount for Phase 1 was $24.6 million.


Eutaw Construction was awarded the Nissan ILC Roadway contract from Nissan North America. This project involves the construction of a new access roadway and bridge needed to serve Nissan’s new ILC Facility. Since the project is located inside Nissan’s facility, the transportation of ± 30,000 cubic yards of embankment material is the biggest challenge. Eutaw’s scope of work includes clearing & grubbing, earthwork, storm drainage utilities, and the placement of aggregate base material. While other scopes of work, that will be completed by subcontractors, include the installation of a new 140 linear feet, triple-span concrete bridge, asphalt and concrete paving, striping, guardrails and a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) fence. Due to the site being inside a FTZ, careful consideration and planning is required for fence installation, work zones, and access.

Franklin, Tennessee – Hillsboro Road Widening Phase 2

This $12 million contract involves widening one of the main thoroughfares (Highway 431) that runs through the City of Franklin, Tennessee. Heavy daily traffic volumes along with the close proximity of occupied homes and the local high school which houses over 2,000+ students and teachers make this a very challenging project. Eutaw’s scope of work includes traffic control, earthwork, paving, storm drainage utilities, and the relocation of sanitary sewer, gas, water, and communication utilities within the projects limits of construction. Eutaw’s scope also includes landscaping, hardscapes and signage, electrical, and traffic signalization.