Carroll County, Arkansas– Arkansas Highway Transportation Department Hwy 62

The AHTD awarded Eutaw a $13.4 million contract to widen 3.7 miles of Highway 62 from two (2) to five (5) lanes The project consists of 91,200 tons of aggregate base, 425,000 cubic yards of earthwork, a triple box culvert, 3,330 linear feet of storm drain piping, binder & surface asphalt courses, maintenance of traffic, and erosion control.


Prairie County, Arkansas – Corps of Engineers Grand Prairie Widened Canal Project

Sothern Contracting, LLC subcontracted an $8 million contract to Eutaw for the Grand Prairie Widened Canal project. Eutaw’s scope of work consists of 800,000 cubic yards of mass excavation associated with the construction of a new water reservoir and the installation of approximately 700 linear feet of 120” diameter spiral-weld steel pipe.  In addition to these major items, Eutaw’s scope requires the placement of 56,000 tons of crushed limestone.

Williamson County, Tennessee – Bridgemore Village Subdivision

Eutaw Construction is performing a $1,225,800 contract for construction of the Bridgemore Village subdivision. Eutaw’s scope of work consists of 95,000 cubic yards of mass excavation, the installation of water service, sewer service, electrical service, and a storm drainage system associated with the next phase of Bridgemore Village in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee.  Once completed, this phase will contain 42 lots for future housing development.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Baton Rouge Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Program.

This $14 million contract is a major component of the Baton Rouge Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Program. The project involves the construction of 16,900 linear feet of gravity sewer and 3,000 linear feet of sewer force main ranging in size from 8” to 42” and 6” to 12”, respectively. In addition to these segments, Eutaw Construction will be required to install over 90 manholes. The project also includes 12 jacked and bored segments for a total of 1,500 linear feet ranging from 24” to 60”. The project will necessitate the need for approximately 67,000 tons of aggregate backfill and bedding.

This project will increase sewer capacities in some of Baton Rouges most heavily populated areas and in neighborhoods that have seen rapid population growth since the early 2000’s.