Oxford, Mississippi – University-Oxford East Parallel Taxiway

This project included clearing and grubbing of approximately 55 acres for the taxiway and borrow excavation area, relocation of two structures (tower and electrical vault), the movement of 380,000 CY of select borrow material, 51,000 CY of unclassified excavation, 412 LF of reinforced concrete pipe (15″ and 24″), 240 LF of 23″ x 36″ of arched reinforced concrete pipe, 29,000 SY of 6″ cement treated base, 27,000 SY of 12″ PCC pavement.

Raymond, Mississippi – John Bell Williams Airport

Cleared and grubbed 53 acres, moved 173,700 CY of unclassified embankment, 520 LF of 6′ X 3′ reinforced concrete box culvert, 1,230 LF of storm drain, 150 tons of grouted rip rap, and 49 acres of seeding.

Jackson, Mississippi – Metro Parkway

Constructed four-lane roadway to facilitate easier traffic flow between Jackson State University and downtown Jackson. The old roadway was torn out and the area cleared. The new four-lane road was undercut and back filled with select material to ensure a stable, more solid sub grade with 20,000 tons of asphalt and over 21,000 feet of curb and gutters. Also included were 75 storm inlets, 3,650 feet of ductile iron water pipe, 3,400 feet of sanitary sewer, 21 new manholes, and one 220 ft X 10 ft concrete box culvert.