Harahan, Louisiana – SELA Flood Control Project

In the Spring of 2014 Eutaw Construction commenced work on the North Discharge Tubes project located in Harahan, LA.  This is a highly complex project that is a part of a larger “Pump to the River Project” which is being implemented by the New Orleans District of the Corps of Engineers to control flooding in Jefferson Parrish Louisiana.  This project consist of installing 5,100 LF of three adjacent (Triple Barrel) 84” diameter pipes, installed at depths up to 23 feet deep in a sheet pile cofferdam.  The sheet pile cofferdam consist of approximately 225,000 SF of sheet piling 65 feet long, along with approximately 3,500 LF of 36” Beams and approximately 2700 LF of 24” steel pipe struts that will be installed and removed throughout the course of this project.  The project ROW is extremely narrow with active traffic on both sides and overhead high voltage power lines that run the full length of the project.

Eutaw’s portion of the project will connect to a large pump station on the north end, and to existing 84” pipes to the south (which Eutaw installed in 2008).  When completed, floodwater will be pumped from the intake at the pump station through approximately 2 miles of pipeline, to an outfall structure in the Mississippi River.


This $18 million project consisted of approximately 4.5 million CY of unclassified excavation that was required to be moved in approximately 6 months due to the fast track schedule required by the contract. In addition to the earthwork, this project also consisted of temporary erosion control measures, selective demolition and clearing, installing over 2 miles of temporary gravel roadways, railroad access to the building pad, 16,000 linear feet of water, sanitary sewer and gas utilities, nearly 7,000 linear feet of storm piping up to 114-inches in diameter, 50 stormwater drainage structures, sinkhole remediation, and stabilization of exposed areas within an approximate 500 acre area containing the Hankook Tire Project Site.

Brandon, Mississippi – Interstate 20 Interchange

This $10 million project consists of constructing an interstate ramp and a 680’ bridge across the KCS Railroad. Earthwork includes 61,600 CY of borrow material, 36,800 CY of excess excavation, 2,300 CY of unclassified excavation. Other work includes 736’ of RCP storm drainage piping, clearing and grubbing, grassing, erosion control measures, traffic signals, subgrade treatment & asphalt placement, and a soil nail retaining wall beneath the existing bridges.

Bridge work consists of 1,300 lf of steel piling, 931 lf of concrete drilled shafts, 1,450 CY of bridge concrete, and 4,400 lf of concrete bridge beams. Also included is the remedial repair of existing piles with 275 CY of Class AA concrete.

Miller County, Arkansas – Interstate 49

Eutaw’s contract included 1.8 miles of new roadway construction for the I-49 corridor. Construction activities included 112 acres of clearing and grubbing, 1.1 millionof unclassified material, 324,500 CY of embankment material, and placement of 100,000 CY of select material. Other activities included 1,800 LF of drainage pipe, a county road bridge, and two large box culverts.

Erosion control, paving, and striping were also included in the contract.